United Caribbean / Reef

UNITED CARIBBEAN: The original name of this wreck is the Golden Venture; This is the ship that Ran aground in New York Harbor with Chinese immigrants that jumped off and some of them drowned. This wreck is connected to the sea Empress by coral rocks that the county put in after sinking this ship. Stingrays, eels,

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Sea Empress / Reefs

SEA EMPRESS: This 90 ft. barge sits in 74 feet of water upside-down, and was loaded with cement conduits, which spilled into the sand. This makes great hiding places for lobster, Grouper, and tons of tropical fish. It has resident Goliath groupers who live in the stern area. Large nurse sharks are seen here often on

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Noula Wreck/Reef Dive

NOULA EXPRESS: This island freighter that cruised the Caribbean now lies in eighty-three feet of water. This ship was confiscated by the DEA for running drugs. Courtesy of Hurricane Andrew this ship is now in 3 sections. There is also a small sub that was also confiscated by the DEA. This is one of the

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Ancient Mariner Wreck / Reef Dive

ANCIENT MARINER: This 165 ft. vessel really has some history in South Florida. She used to be a restaurant located on the new River in Fort Lauderdale. She sank at the dock and was raised and a bit later and became a restaurant again then it had the biggest hepatitis outbreak in U.S. history at

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