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ANCIENT MARINER: This 165 ft. vessel really has some history in South Florida. She used to be a restaurant located on the new River in Fort Lauderdale. She sank at the dock and was raised and a bit later and became a restaurant again then it had the biggest hepatitis outbreak in U.S. history at that time. Then sank off the dock again and then was donated to the artificial reefs program in Broward County. This ship was sunk off Deerfield Beach in about 72 feet of water roughly 12 years ago. A must-see! Wildlife abounds on this ship! There is a small tugboat about 65 feet off the bow. Purchase a map of the Ancient Mariner.

Some of the most amazing reef dives in North America are right here in the Boca Raton Area here in Florida!! All the reef systems run north and south along the coast of Florida. And range in depth from 25 to 100 feet. We have 3 separate reef lines 1st being in depths of 15-25 ft in depth and our 2nd reef is in 25-50 ft in depth and our 3rd and best reef system ranges from 40 to 100 ft in depth. our reefs here have a beautiful west-facing ledge that can drop 35 ft on our 3rd reef to 15 ft on our 2nd reef. Little mini walls if you will. Sealife congregates on this side of the reef because of the structure and hiding places on the west side. There are a few ” patch reefs ” where the best is in the middle. Sealife both big and small abounds on our reefs. Sharks, goliath groupers, turtles, stingrays, and huge schools of fish and lobsters abound on our reefs!! Also, our reefs are just minutes away from our inlet. All our dives are within a mile of the beach or less. This is Florida’s best kept secret.

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